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Beating Heart Lariat
gold vermeil lariat necklace
Beating Heart Lariat
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Beating Heart Lariat


"I love it so much I plan outfits around it!"

Your heart is the one part of you that means love, passion, and inner connection, and also life giving vitality. Melding the metaphysical and physical together into one.

Inspired by these two intertwining worlds, this very special stye is a talisman of gratitude for life and passion.  Pay homage to the beauty and strength that is your beating heart with limited edition style from the Heart A'Flame Collection

The lariat style chain frames an anatomical heart pendant made from hand-engraved deep fuchsia quartz crystal.  The heart stone is dimensionally detailed on the front and back sides of its delicate but strong gold frame for a 360-degree beautiful view like nothing else.

Crystal Properties:     Quartz is known as a light-bringer and energy amplifier.  Meaning that what you pour into it will be radiated out even stronger.  It's also believed to be a heart chakra opener and the perfect stone to keep close to your own heart's desires.

Materials:   14k Gold Vermeil

Our vermeil is an especially thick layer of gold bonded over sterling silver. That's 2-3x thicker than standard plating. Because it's gold over silver (as opposed to commonly used brass) it's ideal for sensitive skin and has long-lasting shine and quality.  We like to think of vermeil as the business class of golds.

Chain:    23" adjustable handcrafted round link lariat chain

Great for plunging necklines, but because it's adjustable to any point in the chain you can wear it as long or as short as you like.

Sizing:    The hand-engraved heart crystal is 18mm X 21mm (approx. 1")


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