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Double Cuff Earrings

$88.00 $104.00

"I wear them constantly"

A cuff earring,,,,but better. These unique cuff studs from the Golden Gem Collection have the illusion of a wrap-around cuff but with the security and comfort of a normal post-back earring so they stay in place and you never have to worry about losing them.

Perfect for a little everyday edge. Layer up and try in different positions for the best fit for you. They work in either direction and are available in three sizes so you can have a snug fit.

Sizing:    Size Bitty: 0.6" -  Size Midi: 0.75" -  Size Biggie: 0.9"

Size Bitty is what's pictured on the model, if you have petite earlobes this is for you. The post is centered in the middle so ideal if your piercing is centered in your lobe. There's 0.25" to curl over the top and bottom of your ear.

Size Midi is slightly longer and great for medium size ear lobes. There's 0.4" room to curl over the top and bottom of your lobe.

Size Biggie is ideal if you have a piercing that is not totally centered as the post is asymmetrically placed allowing it to provide more room on one side and can be flipped to align with your piercing.  You have 0.35" on one side and almost 0.5" on the other.  Great for longer lobes.

If you have any questions on sizing don't hesitate to reach out! I've become a wizard at estimating the perfect size for ear lobes :) Reach me at: hello@shoplausanne.com

Materials:   14k Gold Vermeil

Our vermeil is an especially thick layer of gold bonded over sterling silver. That's 2-3x thicker than standard plating. Because it's gold over silver (as opposed to commonly used brass) it's ideal for sensitive skin and has long-lasting shine and quality.  We like to think of vermeil as the business class of golds.


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