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Heart A'Flame Ring


"seriously the most beautiful ring I've ever had"

Set on a natural clear quartz base, the Heart A'Flame ring signifies your heart's desires and how following those paths can truly light you up, and set your heart on fire. (In the best possible way.)

The Heart A'flame Ring is a cocktail ring like no other. All at once, it's both fabulous with the shining quartz and gold and meaningful with its encouraging heart opening message.  Wear it as you light up your life.

Crystal Properties:     Clear quartz is believed to amplify and carry energy and thoughts.  So we like to think of it as the perfect transmitter to radiate your heart's desires.  Also known to connect with all the chakras, clear quartz is great for whole-body balance and connection.

Materials:   18k Gold Vermeil + Clear Quartz 

Our vermeil is an especially thick layer of gold bonded over sterling silver. That's 2-3x thicker than standard plating. Because it's gold over silver (as opposed to commonly used brass) it's ideal for sensitive skin and has long-lasting shine and quality.  We like to think of vermeil as the business class of golds.

Sizing:    12mm X 14mm Clear Quartz Stone with a 1.6mm band width

To find your ring size at home, refer to our ring sizing guide here.


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