Heart Throb Bracelet

"I wear it everyday and it means so much"

At first glance, this beauty appears to be a classic-looking link style bracelet, but take a second look and you'll notice the intricacy of interconnected throbbing hearts that compose each link.  Like a secret little message to yourself to let your heart take lead.

With a secure hinge closure (that you can actually fasten one-handed by yourself, yay!) and the smooth comfort of a chain the moves and molds with you, this is one you'll never want to take off.

Better yet? I made her in two sizes so you can have the perfect fit.

Part of the Heart A'flame Collection, we love it paired with the Heart A'flame Ring.

Materials:   18k Gold Vermeil

Our vermeil is an especially thick layer of gold bonded over sterling silver. That's 2-3x thicker than standard plating. Because it's gold over silver (as opposed to commonly used brass) it's ideal for sensitive skin and has long-lasting shine and quality.  We like to think of vermeil as the business class of golds.

Chain:   Interlinked throbbing hearts 6.4mm wide 

Sizing:    Size Regular is 6.5" and size Long is 7.5"

Regular is just a bit smaller than average so if you have slim wrists go with that. 


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