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gold vermeil earrings
gold vermeil
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Stepping Stone Dangle Earrings


"so light and so cute"

Understated elegance meets flirt with these free swinging elongated modern dangle earrings from the Golden Gem Collection. They are a translation of the look of gemstones into the beauty and strength of precious metals and featured throughout.  And a representation of how fluidity and movement along your path can help bring balance and connection.

The Stepping Stone Dangles are surprisingly lightweight and super comfy to wear.  As a sister to the Orbit Chandeliers,  you can wear them asymmetrically as a mixed pair too.  Simply select the Mixed Pair option to receive one of each.


Materials:   14k Gold Vermeil

Our vermeil is an especially thick layer of gold bonded over sterling silver. That's 2-3x thicker than standard plating. Because it's gold over silver (as opposed to commonly used brass) it's ideal for sensitive skin and has long lasting shine and quality.  We like to think of vermeil as the business class of golds.

Dimensions:    2.5" long x 0.3" Wide

Weight:    2.7 grams each (slightly more than a penny weighs)


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